Monthly Archives: October 2011

Preparing hearts and choosing attitudes


In packing, and leaving, and the inevitable sadness, there is also a preparing that is going on.

Moving is hard work. Stressful work. Detail work. Many many things being worked out. But it is also proactive work. It can’t just happen, it takes direction, directing.

As we’re packing we’re looking ahead. Talking about how we will arrange the new house. Which is exciting! And overwhelming. But in the moments of overwhelmed, we need to choose to focus on the exciting. The mood of our move, the outcome of our move, depends on us. Our choices and our attitude. We have put in place some things to look forward to.

  • Journey Boy will be receiving a rebate from Transformers including a shirt and a new toy at the new house.
  • Journey Man has ordered a huge collection of reference books to be delivered sometime in April.
  • Both kids will be getting a monthly National Geographic childrens’ magazine.
  • I will be getting an order of sentsy products! : )

Talk about built in excitement!

We are purposely trying not to place expectations on Journey Man’s co-workers and their families as to what our friendships with them will look like. He will be working at a Bible camp. And I do expect to enjoy those people and build great friendships with them. But I’m also not expecting them to be my only friends there. We have moved enough to know, we need to be proactive in finding friendships and getting to know people in our new area. And that is something we will choose to make as a priority. When it comes to church and the kids school, we will be involved. We must get out there. (I’m giving myself a pep talk here.)

And the kids. Those dear hearts. We can’t choose for them, like we can choose for our selves. They are excited about the move. They are excited about the bunk beds they will have there. They are excited about getting toys out of storage that they haven’t seen for six months. But they don’t completely understand all that is coming for their dear hearts. They understand new school, but didn’t fully process that that meant new teachers. And they understand new friends but are sad to leave their friends here.

It will all turn out. But our hearts are in a painful time of growing.




Getting lots done around here. Mostly, baking! Yesterday I procrastinated baked! Of course, I had to use up some things we had in the freezer! : ) Banana bread, pumpkin pie, blueberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies. Then a dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing and squash. Nummy!! And I even packed 5 boxes!