Things I will do and will never do…


Before we are parents we all have things in our mind that we are totally going to do…and we have things in mind that we will NEVER do!!…and when it comes down to it, we parent the best we know how in the moment. I’ve done plenty I said I wouldn’t. I’ve not done some things I really wanted to. But, I’m still learning and growing and changing. And, so far, my kids have survived.

And now, I sit here working on this new blog. Wanting to make it my own. Trying to figure out what it will be. So far, the times I’ve thought to write were times when I was down or angry. Wanting to vent. I don’t want it to be a place I whine or complain. But I do want it to be a place I can be real. And for real, life can be tough and sometimes I’ll need a place to vent.


About TaylorB

We are a family of 4 journeying through life. It seems like we go through many changes on a frequent basis. So, we're always journeying somewhere. And we try our best to live in the journey, because "there" is seeming illusive.

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