Jumping In


Getting a move on.

I want to do this. I want to share my thoughts and connect with others who understand. To encourage those who are on their own journey, and get encouragement from those who have gone before. The previous post was sitting in my Drafts bin. It still probably isn’t finished. But I just posted it anyway. There are two others in that bin. They have titles, but no writing. Many days I have ideas of what to put here. But I don’t. I’m nervous. Shy. Lazy.

Today that changes. I’m just going to jump in. As a nurse, I still, after 10 years, hesitate every time I give an IM shot (not SC, they’re easy…except Lovenox b/c it burns). Anyway, I digress….when I give a shot, I still think in my head, “just do it”. I have to just go for it, get it over with. So, I want to do that here. Just share my thoughts and post. Let the journey progress. And you know what, I’m going to post those titles. They are part of my beginning here.


About TaylorB

We are a family of 4 journeying through life. It seems like we go through many changes on a frequent basis. So, we're always journeying somewhere. And we try our best to live in the journey, because "there" is seeming illusive.

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