When I was younger I worked with a group to move sod. We cut the grass from one area of a field to put it around a new building near the front of the property. While we were doing this I was in awe that God would create grass, cover the ground with it, and then He would allow us to move it around at our whim. To pick up His carpeting and put it where we wanted it to be. It was amazing to me.

Fast forward 15 years. I am now a nurse. I see things daily that AMAZE me! The human body is so intricate and amazing!! Seriously, very complex. And then, the things we can do to it. The procedures we can perform, the medication that have been invented that can literally make someone live longer. Today, my friend’s 7 month old baby got a new heart. A tiny heart, the size of a walnut. Taken from a dear sweet angel, transported, and place in the little chest of another.

The more I know about what God created, and what He has done, I am amazed. But I’m even more amazed at what He has let us discover and all the things He lets us do with His creations.


About TaylorB

We are a family of 4 journeying through life. It seems like we go through many changes on a frequent basis. So, we're always journeying somewhere. And we try our best to live in the journey, because "there" is seeming illusive.

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